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The React add-ons are a collection of useful utility modules for building React apps. These should be considered experimental and tend to change more often than the core.

  • TransitionGroup and CSSTransitionGroup, for dealing with animations and transitions that are usually not simple to implement, such as before a component's removal.
  • LinkedStateMixin, to simplify the coordination between user's form input data and the component's state.
  • cloneWithProps, to make shallow copies of React components and change their props.
  • createFragment, to create a set of externally-keyed children.
  • update, a helper function that makes dealing with immutable data in JavaScript easier.
  • PureRenderMixin, a performance booster under certain situations.
  • shallowCompare, a helper function that performs a shallow comparison for props and state in a component to decide if a component should update.

The add-ons below are in the development (unminified) version of React only:

  • TestUtils, simple helpers for writing test cases.
  • Perf, a performance profiling tool for finding optimization opportunities.

To get the add-ons, install them individually from npm (e.g., npm install react-addons-pure-render-mixin). We don't support using the addons if you're not using npm.